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Trips, Sniffs and Nerves – Managing You, So You Can Manage Your Message – Part 1

Nerves are the most common obstacle to the successful delivery of messages. Managing them can often make a difference in how your message is received. The trick is to acknowledge your nerves. If you are feeling a little nervous before … Continue reading

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A Simple Lesson About Brand Taught By Disney

I went on a Disney Cruise with my kids in February. I specifically chose Disney because my husband wasn’t going with us (he’s busy working on his master’s thesis). I felt that if I was going to travel alone with … Continue reading

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Does Working From Home or the Office Really Matter?

There have been a few articles, to say the least, on Yahoo C.E.O. Marissa Mayer’s decision to ban all working from home for all Yahoo employees.  Following her earth shattering announcement was a series of, “She had to do it” … Continue reading

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