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Saturday Morning Chit Chat, Happy No Labour Day

Why do we spend Labour Day doing nothing? I was thinking about this (and other deep thoughts) while I contemplated whether I wanted to write a blog for the long weekend.  Surely, the best way to pay full homage to … Continue reading

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Transparency – Is it clear that it’s a good business practice?

More transparency in business practice has been the buzz for a while now.  Counted among its benefits are increased employee morale, better client service, increased productivity and enhanced creativity.  What’s more, it models best practices and opens the organization to … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Chit Chat, Laugh it up…at work

I like to laugh. I like to laugh a lot, and I have one of those laughs that you can hear down the street.  I’ve been told it is infectious. Actually, my husband was once told by new neighbours that … Continue reading

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8 Tips On What To Do In A Communications Crisis And 9 Tips On What Not To Do

Over the last several weeks I have watched with some amazement as various communications crisis’ have unfolded in the media.  My amazement isn’t over the incidents that triggered the crisis’, though many of them would certainly give you pause, but … Continue reading

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Finding Common Ground

Sometimes the hardest part of facilitating communications is people recognizing that that they need the facilitation. Communications is such an all-encompassing term.  We all communicate, in fact, we’re engineered for it.  Everything about us is geared towards getting our message … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Chit Chat, Taboos and other Psychological Blocks or 9 Tips for Breaking Them.

I’ve been struggling the last few weeks with writers block…well more like writers distraction.  If my Saturday posts were called Saturday Night chit chat I would have been fine. I just completed a ranty little post on sex and politics, … Continue reading

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Tips For Planning A Media Event – Part Two, Getting It Done

While it is important to prepare and practice as much as possible before meeting with the press, it is equally important to remember that even the best media spokespeople can have off days. If something goes wrong, don’t get bogged … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Chit Chat – Can We Take DIY Too Far?

What happens when a number of things you like also become a number of things that worry you? I was listening to the radio when I came across a story that simultaneously intrigued, excited and worried me.   There was an … Continue reading

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