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Is There Value to Using Case Studies in Business?

  Harvard first developed case studies as a way to engage students in their executive training programs. Complex or difficult cases were presented to students and they were asked to familiarize themselves with the materials as well as gather additional … Continue reading

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Warming Up The Audience Before Delivering Your Message

Originally posted on Comm Before The Storm:
As a consultant I have walked into rooms where the temperature was so cold I debated getting gloves, but whether I’m lobbying or speaking at an event, I always warm up my audience…

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Valuable Repetition

  If you were lost at sea, would you send your distress signal once? I watched a man move two chairs off a truck. He maneuvered his way through the glass doors of a cafe, around the sign welcoming patrons, … Continue reading

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We all live in anticipation of something, the next episode, the next cup, the next job, the next client, the next follower. Anticipation is one of the more unusual emotions we can have. It plays delicately along the line of … Continue reading

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