Warming Up The Audience Before Delivering Your Message

Comm Before The Storm

As a consultant I have walked into rooms where the temperature was so cold I debated getting gloves, but whether I’m lobbying or speaking at an event, I always warm up my audience before delivering my message. When they’re warm, I’m hot.

A Story from the Field

The CEO of the large pharmaceutical company was anxious to meet with an Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM).  His company had considerable concerns around a regulatory process and he wanted to share their proposals towards addressing that challenge.  He knew that in the weeks prior to his meeting there had been quite a bit of bad press about the program the ADM was responsible for. What’s more, the bad press had resulted from many unfortunate and accusatory comments leveled directly at the ADM by another pharmaceutical company.  It was of little surprise to the CEO when he was only granted 30 minutes for the meeting…

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4 Responses to Warming Up The Audience Before Delivering Your Message

  1. Leora says:

    Makes a lot of sense to warm up your audience! I will have to keep this in mind when I do my next blog talk in the summer. I do try to read my audience – I have learned that what I think as obvious is not so in the minds of my listeners.


  2. ballnchainz says:

    This is Jay,

    I have witnessed some one turn a hostile room around before and it is a very impressing thing. I. Have also had customers (managers) apologize to me for believing the lies that their workers spread against my team and I. That one felt good after I just had to stand there and take the blame for what was going wrong.


  3. I thought I had left a comment but it doesn’t show… Sigh! Here is is again.

    It really takes skill to do something like right. Most would have folded or failed. It’s obvious there was experience along with confidence in his subject matter at work here. Just my thoughts. 🙂


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