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Running to the future

I was running. Running to work, running at work, running home, running out to pick something up, running to the car, running to the phone and feeling the whole time like I was running out of time. Now I will … Continue reading

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Pride – Do you love it or hate it?

Pride hasĀ a bad reputation. I used to think it was a Canadian thing, but if you look at quotes on pride, they typically come with dire warnings no matter the country of origin. Pride comes right before you fall, fail, … Continue reading

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Why Context Matters

  When I was in the ninth grade I was wandering the halls of my high school with three friends. Everyone else was in class, but we had been working on an assignment with a teacher that ran overtime. We … Continue reading

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Do You Plan For Serendipity?

Some see serendipity as the hand of God. That divine intervention that saves or changes an outcome for the better. Others view it as pure luck, incredible coincidence or a happy chance. For me, serendipity is none of those things. … Continue reading

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