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Twas The Night Before Christmas, I Was Thinking About My Blog

Hello everyone, I’ll ask you all to pardon me for the absence of elegance in this post, but I’m afraid I couldn’t resist this idea once it had slipped into my head. I wish you all the very best of … Continue reading

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Leading with Heart

Perhaps in a time when online personas and personal branding are the norms, it’s not surprising that we would also see the emergence of a concept that is essentially grounded in being true to ourselves. Continue reading

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Subtle Garbage

I’ve driven past this scene hundreds, possibly thousands of times and yet I only noticed it last week.  It’s a scene not far from a highway exit I regularly take.  How do you not notice a junk yard? I was … Continue reading

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What Exactly Is Your Issue? Four Tips For Better Lobbying

Originally posted on Comm Before The Storm:
I was on Parliament Hill recently and as my colleagues and I fanned out to share our messages I kept thinking about all the possible outcomes ahead of us.  We had the same…

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Marketing Attitude

I was at a conference on the weekend. It started on what was for me the third day of business travel. I was tired but looking forward to getting some new insight into how to keep motivated. About halfway through … Continue reading

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How to decide

Imagine polling your colleagues to determine what you will have for lunch. What about dictating to your neighbours how they should vote? Seems ridiculous right? Yet as silly as that sounds we can get into a decisions making rut. Using … Continue reading

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Night Drive

I drive under this bridge on my way home every day, it’s nice during the day, but great at night. What comes to life at night for you? Hope you’re having a good week.    

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Old Trucks and Nostalgia

I came across this beauty on the weekend, I wanted to get out the paint brushes.  What is it about old trucks that catch our attention and make us nostalgic, or is that just me? Hope your week was a good … Continue reading

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The Edge

The edge of an idea… of a discovery or just the close of a day? What do you see? Hope your week has been a good one.

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  Decisions don’t always work the way you intend them to.  That’s a good thing, it keeps life interesting and it keeps our imaginations flowing. For instance,  the image above comes from a corner of my garden. A huge thorn had started to grow without … Continue reading

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