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Handling Hecklers

Whether you’re standing in front of an audience of thousands or your colleagues in a meeting, handling a heckler is no fun, but it can be done with aplomb. In various studies conducted over the years public speaking has ranked … Continue reading

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Presenting Ideas, Avoiding The Information Avalanche

It was Friday afternoon and as I sat in the hotel conference room I wondered how long it would be before the speaker finished. I was restless, well restless and sleepy. I was convinced that if I didn’t move soon … Continue reading

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How to Present Data

Ever wonder how great presenters get to be great? While what they are presenting is important, how they present it and what considerations they give to the environment they are presenting in is equally important. In a recent post I … Continue reading

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Rather Have a Conversation or a Meeting?

Ever had a project introduced in a meeting and thought, “What are these guys smoking? That will never work.” Did you stay silent and subsequently watch the same project move forward with disastrous results? Did you ever have a great … Continue reading

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