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The beauty of plain

When I dream of writing, the words are chosen with care.  They are short and clear to all who read them and most of all, they are plain. Plain language writing is not what you think. It is not for … Continue reading

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Mean What You Say, Know The Meaning of Sayings

A few years a ago a friend of mine who teaches and does research through various universities was trying to rally some of her colleagues around an initiative and used the phrase, “Jump on the band wagon.” Shortly afterwards she … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward…

With the American primaries heating up there has been a fair bit of coverage and discussion on women’s voting patterns and in particular, Hilary Clinton’s popularity with women voters. Initially I was surprised to learn that Bernie Sanders was gaining … Continue reading

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Leading from Behind, Shepherd or Sheep?

The concept of leading from behind used to frustrate me. It struck me as a cop out, as a way to avoid doing what was necessary. Generally, in my mind, it used to be about a would-be leader not performing … Continue reading

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What’s Better, Ideation Or Creativity?

My office went through the StrengthsFinder process earlier this year and “ideation” was one of my identified strengths. In the past when I’ve done similar things, in lieu of ideation I would draw the “creative” card. While my colleagues would … Continue reading

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Does opportunity knock or slip in through the back door?

View image | gettyimages.com Taking advantage of opportunity is a lot harder than it sounds. Opportunities rarely come wrapped like beautiful presents. In fact, there are times when opportunity looks suspiciously like a setback or failure. I have confidently declared … Continue reading

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Service At All Cost

Your customer service is your brand and it will continue to resonate with customers long after your product or service is forgotten. Continue reading

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Loathing Fear

Why letting fear win makes us all losers. Continue reading

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Marketing in the Uncanny Valley

A few years back (before I joined them) the Canadian Association of Optometrists ran a campaign called, “Open Your Eyes”. The campaign included a commercial that garnered a fair bit of commentary. It featured a woman who rises out of … Continue reading

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Getting the angle right, your personal brand photo

I was thinking about pictures the other day, pictures of scones to be precise and wondering how I wanted to set the scene for them. What props would work, what lighting would be good, how would I convey quality? It … Continue reading

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