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Everyone Loves A Good Story

When I first thought about starting a blog I had some pretty grand ideas.  I thought I’d pontificate on government relations.  Dazzle readers with my vast experience in communications and of course, my dynamic background in relations…hmmm; I got pretty … Continue reading

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What Do Work Nightmares Tell Us?

With Halloween just around the corner, I couldn’t resist taking a look at nightmares.  Work nightmares in particular.  These terrors fall into two categories for me, there are the, waking terrors, things that happen at work that embarrass or freak you out, … Continue reading

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Getting Your Focus Back – Is Closer Clearer?

Last week I went out with one of our nurses as she did her rounds visiting clients in their homes.  It was a welcome change from what I had been doing, which was planning, printing, publishing,  policy, and promotional work … Continue reading

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7 Tips on Finding Balance

Do you ever feel like you’re sliding down a rabbit hole of ever increasing demands? I have, in fact I was recently feeling that way. I was juggling a number of activities and starting to wonder which would drop when … Continue reading

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