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Surprises at Work

I once had a boss who loved to sabotage meetings.  It wasn’t a question of him not liking his staff or even disliking meetings.  It was more that he didn’t want people to enter into discussions with their minds already … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Be Strategic, In Spite of Data

Big data, metrics, indicators and statistics are the words we use to describe how we measure success in business.  We look to the information we gather from surveys, buying habits and online activity to name a few resources, to indicate … Continue reading

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Why Spying Will Make Us Communities Again

Over the last few weeks I’ve had lots of practice at feeling awkward for strangers. There always seems to be a new, uneasy revelation in the news about someone’s privacy being invaded. Around the world and in my own neighborhood … Continue reading

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Making A Profit With Charity – Cause Marketing

One of the most challenging aspects of doing marketing for a charity is the apparent conflict of interest the role represents. When donors give money to a charity, they want to know that their money is going directly to the … Continue reading

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