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Body Language – Managing You, So You Can Deliver Your Message – PART 2

Your body can give away secrets you’d never dream of sharing, so when going into a meeting or presentation, take the time to note your body language and the body language of those around you.  Even if you are presenting … Continue reading

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Visual Meetings – How To Bring Meetings To Life

Several years ago I was at a conference on systems thinking (essentially, understanding how things connect) and during the plenary sessions I noticed that tucked away to one side was a woman busily working on capturing the meeting proceedings in … Continue reading

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Surprises at Work

I once had a boss who loved to sabotage meetings.  It wasn’t a question of him not liking his staff or even disliking meetings.  It was more that he didn’t want people to enter into discussions with their minds already … Continue reading

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Rather Have a Conversation or a Meeting?

Ever had a project introduced in a meeting and thought, “What are these guys smoking? That will never work.” Did you stay silent and subsequently watch the same project move forward with disastrous results? Did you ever have a great … Continue reading

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Trips, Sniffs and Nerves – Managing You, So You Can Manage Your Message – Part 1

Nerves are the most common obstacle to the successful delivery of messages. Managing them can often make a difference in how your message is received. The trick is to acknowledge your nerves. If you are feeling a little nervous before … Continue reading

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